Saturday, January 7, 2012

Days 3-10

So, no big surprise, I stopped updating after two days. But I've kept working out, which is a start, and here's to a better effort going forward.

I've gotten all the way through the program once now, and started over again on Thursday, although I've been modifying as I go. Added karate back into the mix Wednesday, Thursday, Friday last week. Scared about losing Monday-Wednesday (or longer) next week because of getting my wisdom teeth removed on Monday...

I won't bother with the full breakdown of the workouts all week, but today I stayed home instead of going to the gym or the dojo, and did a heavy abs workout instead. My body feels tired, but I'm already recovering faster than I was the first couple of days, and I'm getting a sense for what I'm comfortable lifting. By next Thursday when I start my third "lap" of this program, I'm going to try upping the amount of weight I'm lifting across the board, and see what happens.

My scale says I'm at 175.4 lbs. Which is great, except this morning it said I was at 171.8 lbs. So I think it just makes these things up as it goes.

Wishlist: a new scale.

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